Meet the founders of Sea Moss Co.

November 13, 2019

Chaldean family founders of Sea Moss & Co. They founded Sea Moss & Co. after noticing that much of the food system is genetically modified and does not assimilate well in the human body.

Family Bonding with Nature

Journey from East to West- Chaldean immigrant family from the middle east determined to make a positive impact on the health of this world. We are the indigenous people of the ancient Chaldea. We are known as Chaldeans. Our country was assimilated by Mesopotamia and eventually became a part of Iraq. We were political asylum refugees escaping bombs, danger, and the threats of mandatory military deployment to fight in combat for the Iraqi Military in the Middle East, due to the wars over political differences.

We left Iraq in 1995 and moved to Jordan for one year and eventually made it to America. We settled in Michigan, grateful for the opportunity to live in a beautiful country, with huge potential. We wanted to give back to this country as much as it has provided us with a safe place to live and grow from.

After moving to America, and as early as I could remember, our family had digestive issues. We all took acid reflux tablets and then we soon were prescribed heartburn and acid reflux medication from our family doctor. At that time, it helped somewhat, however, we wanted to figure out what was the issue with our bodies and if there was a way to eat without feeling this discomfort.

Additionally, we were all suffering and realized this was a path that no longer served us. We were all seeking solutions for our digestive problems. We chose to go back to Nature. Therefore, we went on a journey to learn about our human bodies, the biochemistry, and we learned about how wild plants nourish our bodies. This was a huge revelation for our family. We realized that we are all a part of a cosmic arrangement. Each animal has a specific diet designed specifically for them to thrive, with no disease at all; for example, the polar bear thrives eating mostly fat because of their cold tempered environment, gorillas thrive eating mostly fruit because of their hot-tempered environment. Furthermore, humans also have a specific diet that allows us to fully thrive on.

Human bodies are electrical, so our food must be electrical. For instance, the water we drink must be electric. As a family, we began to incorporate living and wild foods into our bodies, and so we finally began to come alive. The more we ate (what was intended for us to eat), the deeper the awakening our bodies feel. Our bodies need electricity; the food we eat either transmutes energy or depletes us of energy.

We discovered that the human body is made up of 102 organic minerals, and so these minerals need to be replenished on a daily basis. These organic minerals provide us the proper fuel and energy to be alive and thrive, not ​just​ to survive. Hence, this was the beginning of our journey to plant-based healing foods. We started working in harmony with mother nature and the natural world. As a family, now, we are all thriving and doing much better as a whole because we are all consuming wildcrafted sea moss every day.

Moreover, we are also seeing an increase in vitality in our patrons, and we are continuing to have excellent results by providing people with the same organic minerals that make up their human body. With this regime, people are feeling alive, hopeful, with unconditional love. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve our fellow brothers and sisters, and we are excited to share these powerful healing plants with the world! We know in return that these people that are nourished with these powerful healing plants will inevitably be a part of the change that this world needs.

For instance, many people lack certain vitamins and minerals in their health and are struggling to find truthful information that works for their lifestyle. As a result of many individuals having deficiencies in their health, the founders sought a finding in the naturally pure benefits of consuming sea moss.

Accordingly, Ra’ad claimed that "we worked in corporate retail after high school, where we received many awards and managed the top performing stores in our Industries. Working long hours and being constantly stressed out, because of never ending near-impossible daily sales quotas, and so our health began to suffer as a result of this line of work, which then led to frequent doctor visits.” Consequently, Ra’ed supported this claim by asserting that “after a few years of suffering, we realized one day that this was no longer a path that served us, which was the beginning of our journey to Plant-based Healing Foods.”

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