Why Sea Moss Is Essential

The human body is made up of 102 organic minerals, mostly oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. These organic minerals are essential for your body to function at its most optimal potential.

Our Temples

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but cannot do so when they are in constant fighting mode. When you consume foods that are man-made and are not natural based, it then becomes foreign for the body to assimilate the matter properly, requiring your body to work extra hard in order to break it down and digest, which then leaves little to no room for repair.

This then makes us reflect on the effects of when we notice that we are not getting enough minerals into our body. If we do not get enough oxygen or hydrogen, we could potentially die. Likewise, the same scenario goes for any other mineral; every organic mineral is important, but when we do not get enough of a particular organic mineral, DIS-ease manifests in the body. For example, iodine phosphate deficiency can cause a thyroid disease, so when we do not get enough calcium phosphate, osteoporosis and other DIS-eases could potentially manifest. Similarly, the development of sickle cell anemia and other DIS-eases may manifest the body.

Calcium Rich

Additionally, Sea Moss, which is a mineral-rich sea vegetable, is one of the most organic and rich forms of calcium phosphate. It is also known to be served as an essential to the body’s health and wellness. Sea moss is one of the most potent forms of organic calcium phosphate mineral that promotes the human bones, teeth, skin, nails, hair, organs and part of the brain. In fact, Sea Moss is also found to be the most organic form of plant-based collagen. Collagen is closest thing we can get to the fountain of youth. Consuming collagen is as crucial as it gets to renewing and revitalizing how you look and feel. After all collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is essentially the glue that holds us together. Recommended to eat daily, sea moss is a safe water soluble super plant.

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