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November 13, 2019

Everything is connected; we are all connected, we are all a part of nature, including the cosmic order and the planetary ecosystem.

Biological Chemistry

An important topic is Chemical Affinity– The human body only accepts organic matter that makes up the human body. This serves as part of Nature’s Law and Order: calcium in the human body is “calcium phosphate”, which is what the human body needs in order to replenish for the body to assimilate calcium phosphate. The type of iron that makes up the human body is “Iron Fluorine”, therefore, we must replenish with Iron Fluorine to effectively nourish our mineral-replenishment. Additionally, “Iodine Phosphate” must also be replenished within our body. Some illness may be caused by mineral deficiencies. Unfortunately, when we do not follow Nature’s Law and Order, we may get “a-r-rested”– meaning we may get sick, and our bodies then need to rest and heal over time. Proper sleep, hydration and nutrition supports healing.

We Are Nature

The human body is made up of 60% to 70% water and 30%to 40% matter. The earth is made up of 60% to 70% water and 30% to 40% matter.

Accordingly, our bodies are designed to heal themselves with our miraculous immune and nervous systems, and we cannot heal completely when our bodies are in a constant state of stress. Stress is more prevalent when we consume man-made food because of how the body does not know how to assimilate the matter properly, requiring your body to work extra hard in order to break it down and digest, which then leaves little to no room for repair.

To what extent of mineral deficiencies are shown as potential side effects? If we do not get enough oxygen or hydrogen, we could potentially die. Likewise, the same scenario goes for any other mineral; every organic mineral is important, but when we do not get enough of a particular organic mineral, DIS-ease may manifests in the body. For example, iodine phosphate deficiency may cause a thyroid DIS-ease, so when we do not get enough calcium phosphate, osteoporosis and other DIS-eases could potentially manifest. Similarly, when we do not get enough iron fluorine, the development of sickle cell anemia and other DIS-eases may manifest in the body.

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