Make Sea Moss Your Lifestyle

November 17, 2019

Sea Moss has changed many lives, for the better. The red algae known in the western world as "Sea Moss" or "Irish Moss" is a tasteless mineral-rich sea vegetable that contains up to 99 of the 102 minerals that makes up the human body.

Organic Minerals

The human body needs all 102 organic minerals to fully function and to operate properly. Drinking water and breathing in oxygen is a part of the 102 elements and organic minerals that must be replenished on a daily basis. The human body thrives on a wild, organic, and mineral-rich diet. Hence, this is why Sea Moss is exceptionally essential to incorporate into your lifestyle. The outcomes of consuming Sea Moss is incredibly special because of it having many powerful benefits to holistically heal oneself.

Body Nourishment

Sea Moss completes the human body, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally due to the fact that Sea Moss deeply nourishes and replenishes our cellular body. The food that we consume from Mother Nature feeds us ​information​, whereas the food that we consume made in a laboratory feeds us inflammation.​ Therefore, consuming food from nature helps form into our blood and provides us with a healthier life. Food from a laboratory is highly-processed, mucus-forming and is clogging our cellular body, causing deprivation of oxygen, which leads to the formation of potential disease. Our natural human right is placed at ease by consuming wild, organic, mineral-rich, plant-based foods, however those that choose to not consume foods from nature may develop a potential DIS-ease over time. Henceforth, it is beneficial for the human body to prevent the DIS-ease and make sea moss a lifestyle.

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